Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.35.52 AMSaturday, June 27th, 2015 is the date of our inaugural  ‘Build the Body Ride.’ This is where our faith and our ministry really hit the road in force to have a positive impact on our world. Here is how it will work; on that one day, we are asking ALL members of ChristianCycling to go for a ride — ideally with some of your fellow Spoke members. We don’t really care where you go or how far, just get out and ride in your ChristianCycling clothing to show support for our ministry. But, wait, it doesn’t stop there.

Here is what else we have going on:

  • We believe that by all of us riding on the same day, it will have a unifying effect on us as a ministry.
  • We ask for your prayers as you gather and ride.
  • We encourage you to invite a friend so that we can grow our ministry.
  • We ask that you post on social media about your ride and our ministry so that we can get some needed exposure. Please use the hashtags #ChristianCycling and #BuildTheBodyRide in your posts.
  • We give you the opportunity to contribute financially to support our ministry and our new Ministry Partners* by either making a personal donation and/or raising funds for us.

For more information on each of those topics, see the tabs below.

Every $100 we raise will:

*Look for more information coming soon about our new Ministry Partners.

The distribution will be 25% to Teen Challenge; 20% to Samaritan’s Purse; 10% to Athletes in Action; 45% to ChristianCycling


[ult_accrow title=”Sign Up”]

Get signed up to ride!

We are using to track our riders and the donations. So, even if you are not planning on raising money for this ride, please follow these instructions so that we at least know who is riding where.

Step 1: Go to


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Step 2: Find your spoke, or if do not live in a place that has a spoke you can use the main page. Find the ‘Join Project’ button at the bottom of the description. When you ‘Join’ you will be asked to create an account.


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Step 3: Create a Profile or Bio.  Please add a picture of yourself — in your ChristianCycling gear if you have any. Add a few sentences about why you are doing the BtBR and/or why ChristianCycling is important to you.


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Step 4: Create your personal page. If you are going to raise money, put in a goal. Either way, please include your Hometown, Home Church, favorite Bible Verse, Bike(s) and favorite Places to Ride.


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Step 5: Share your page. Copy your link and send it by email, post it on social media or embed in your personal blog.


[ult_accrow title=”Unity”]

I get very excited when I think about ChristianCycling riding all over the world — on the same day. From the moment I rise on June 27th to the time I go to sleep, I will be thinking and praying for all of those on their Build the Body Ride. When I wake up, my thoughts will be with riders in Australia and Asia who will be finishing their rides and with our riders in Africa getting out for an evening spin and our European riders on afternoon jaunts. Next, I will think about those rolling up and down the American Eastern seaboard, the Midwest, the Rockies and finally the Pacific coast.

What will those rides look like? How many people will show up? On that day, my complete focus will be this ministry and how a few people of faith can get on their bikes to make an impact for Him.

What will your day look like? What will you choose to focus on? I encourage you to join me in setting your mind on Christ’s perfect love, God’s perfect will — and on this ministry that serves people; to show the world both of those. In doing so, we can unify our ministry and more effectively serve Him.


[ult_accrow title=”Prayers”]

Our ministry is built on prayer, and we would like the inaugural Build the Body Ride, on June 27th, 2015, to follow suit. Your prayers would be appreciated now, as we plan, before you ride, during your ride and after you have ridden.

Right now, as we plan this event, we would really appreciate being lifted in prayer — for wisdom, guidance, selflessness, patience and discernment. The leadership team is working very hard to make this event both memorable and effective, but they are volunteers who give of their time, talents and effort, so remember to praise God for the work that they do.

Before you go on your Build the Body Ride, please pray for safety on your journey, opportunities to be a light on the road [or trail] and an effective witness to the love of our Lord and Savior. Starting your ride with prayer will get you started right

As you ride, please remember all of your brothers and sisters around the world who are riding, have already ridden or will be riding the Build the Body Ride. Thank God for their presence all over the world and pray for opportunities for them to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all they encounter.

After you ride, be sure to thank the Creator of the Universe for the both the passion for and the ability to ride a bike. Thank Him for a safe ride and that He give his travelling grace to those who are yet to complete their rides.


[ult_accrow title=”Growth”]

One of the things that I am most excited about our inaugural Build the Body Ride on June 27th is the opportunity to invite friends and family to help grow ChristianCycling — and the Body of Christ. Whether you plan to take part in a Spoke sponsored group ride or something that you have cooked up yourself, we encourage you to invite others to be part of your Build the Body Ride.

Are there members of your church that you have seen out riding, but they are not part of ChristianCycling, this is a great way to expose them to all of the things that we are doing as well as the love and fellowship that is ChristianCycling.

If there is someone who you have ridden with for years, but you just have not had the courage to have a conversation about your faith, then this is the perfect opportunity to invite him or her, because it is a non-threatening way to start a faith conversation.


[ult_accrow title=”Exposure”]

Whether still gathering for the ride, during the ride or afterwards, please post on social media about your inaugural Build the Body Ride experience — and use the hashtags #ChristianCycling and #BuildTheBodyRide. By sharing your ride

So, take lots of pictures and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pintrest or whatever social media you use. Then write a few lines to tell people your thoughts on the ride, our ministry and, most importantly, on your relationship with Jesus Christ. And, don’t forget to tag everyone in the pictures.
with social media, and using the hashtags, you will not only let other ChristianCycling members find our posts but you will also be sharing your passion for Christ, cycling and our ministry with others in your network.


[ult_accrow title=”Give”]

I am especially excited about the opportunity to GIVE for Build the Body Ride. Our ministry has shifted focus over the past 18 months and, as our new slogan proclaims, we are in the business of “Building the Body through cycling!” As an organization, we have put our chips on the table and have gone “all in” for Christ by being a ministry — Christ-centered and people-serving.

As we prepared for this event, we knew we needed to raise some money to not only keep up with the growth we are experiencing, but also to start to hire a staff to further expand our programs and reach. But, the more our Executive Board talked about it and about our needs, we kept getting reminded of the “Bigger Picture” of God’s Will. As a result, we started looking for other ministries that we love and respect that we could raise money for in addition to ourselves. Through numerous conversations and much prayer, we decided to give away most of the money that we raise to further other ministries and landed on three great ministries who are all doing God’s work in different ways.

This provides an opportunity to affect change in may ways all across the world. While we do not require any financial contribution to participate fully in the Build the Body Ride, we do ask that you prayerfully consider making a donation of some sort. We encourage you to give whatever God has placed on your heard, but $1 for every mile that you ride is a good place to start. If you are not in a position to help us, consider raising funds for us by asking your friends and family to participate with you.


[ult_accrow title=”Raise”]

By partnering with so many great ministries, we really are in a fabulous position to build God’s Kingdom and affect change in this world. Whether you can contribute financially or not, this is a wonderful opportunity to invite your friends and family to take part in this adventure with you.

I know that many of you are like me and asking people to support you is a terrifying — even paralyzing thought — but if you keep a few things in mind, it will not only make it easier, but these tips will put you in a favorable frame of mind while presenting your “ask.”

  • Ask for them to join you rather than asking for your support. Keep in mind that you are doing the “hard part” by riding. Friends and family want to be involved in your life and the things that you are doing, so invite them to come along without having to pedal.
  • Present it as an opportunity rather than an obligation. Through our Ministry Partners, we have put together a powerful way to do His work and impact this world for Him.
  • This is not for your glory — or even for ours — but for His. While we are looking for ways to recognize those who step out of their comfort zone to help in this way, it is ultimately not for your gain, it is to glorify God.
  • Set a goal and ask for a specific amount. It is important that your contributors know that you are serious enough to set a goal and that you have an expectation for their contribution. Also, breaking it down to a per mile amount, it reinforces your contribution to the goal.
  • Don’t be afraid to write out your “ask” and even practicing it before doing it. Remember that most of us get nervous doing this and while you don’t want to come across as too scripted, you also don’t want to be stumbling and bumbling your way through it.
  • Don’t be scared of or put off by rejection. Getting a ‘No’ should not be taken personally, it just means that this is not the right opportunity for that person. If you don’t want to face the ‘No’ one of the best tools is to post something on social media. While it is not as effective as doing it in person, over the phone or even by email, it can be an effective way to reach a lot of people who you may not think about as a contributor.