We are ramping up to celebrate our 30th anniversary with all of you!

In honor of 30 years in cycling ministry we have designed an anniversary membership challenge for 2016. Our goal is to have some fun and to promote fellowship with one another while accomplishing some cool goals.

Here is how it works.

1. Select from one of the challenges below.

2. Set a goal to complete the challenge in a certain time frame.

3. Make sure to take some pictures and post them on Facebook along the way and tag ChristianCycling.

4. Once you have completed your challenge email us at [email protected] with pictures and information on what challenge you accomplished.

The great news is there are PRIZES!

The first 3 members to finish one of the below challenges will receive a new ChristianCycling kit. Any other member who completes a challenge by the end of the year will receive a custom ChristianCycling stem cap.

Here are the challenges to choose from:

Ride for 30 consecutive days
Accumulate 3,000 bicycling miles this year
Climb a total of 30,000 feet in elevation
30 days or weeks of commuting to work
Donate 30 hours of trail work
Spend 30 minutes a day in devotional time

Have fun while you help us celebrate!