It seemed so simple. I just wanted a family friendly bike club. An organization where we encouraged each other and thought about more than how many watts we could sustain or who we beat to the last town-line sign. Wait! Don’t get me wrong. I love to watch my watts and sprint to anything fixed into the ground, but I wanted an environment that went way beyond that. I thought it would be great to work in some good Christian fellowship along the way and maybe even tell someone new about Christ. Wow, wouldn’t that be cool to actually change someone’s life for Christ? So, nearly nine years ago I contacted Cody at and signed up to start a spoke. I thought that it seemed like a good fit for my life.

Tim Large Composite Serious_twentiethWhat I didn’t realize at the time was that it was not about me at all. God had bigger plans. It started by putting on the IC3 jersey every time I rode. That simple act made me think about Christ — every time I put it on and rode in it. When I joined I considered myself  a pretty  good Christian — I went to church every week, I read the Bible occasionally and could “argue religion” the best of them. But, before signing up for membership in the IC3 I really didn’t think much about God or my relationship with Him outside of Sunday mornings or when I was around other Christian friends.

But, because I joined the IC3 and I bike a lot, I started to think about Jesus — a lot. Between donning the jersey and hanging out with Christian friends more, there was a change going on. This cycling ministry was really changing people — I just hadn’t expected that the people changed would start with me.

Slowly but surely, my relationship with Christ became more intense as I looked for other parts of my life to give over to Him. I started looking for ways to honor Him at work, glorifying Him with the music I listen to, use words that reveal my joy in Him, treating others in a way that pleases Him, praising Him with how I use my money [OK, His money] and even worshiping Him with the thoughts in my head. I found myself thinking about Jesus all of the time — and it was good.

My relationship with the IC3 changed also — over the years, it went from being about what I wanted — and all about ME and the ride — to being about how I could be more in His will and serve others — in the Twin Cities Spoke, then expanded to the Twin Cities cycling community and now the whole IC3.

So, coming off of a very productive and exciting Annual Executive Board Meeting, I am very thrilled about all of the focus on His will and excitement for what is going on in the IC3.  We are giving this organization back to God and let Him change lives with it. So, buckle your helmet, this could be a wild ride — I guarantee lives will be changed through it.

Just don’t be surprised if the life that is changed ends up being yours.