Greetings ChristianCycling Members:
We want to share the progress being made to make ChristianCycling a premier ministry and a globally recognized cycling organization. The executive board and a few spoke directors met at the end of October in Denver to decide on a few keys items.

First, the board created a formal ministry structure to streamline assistance to spokes and new members, and spelled out officer duties and roles. The executive board will oversee the future direction of ChristianCycling and make all major decisions affecting the ministry. The executive team, composed of the president, chairman of the board and a dedicated administrative professional will handle routine decisions and daily operations of the ministry. The president is charged with implementing the vision of the board and providing support to the spokes and new members. In order to be effective in that role, he or she will oversee five regional directors (one for spokes/members in each time zone and one for international members). The regional directors will provide support and connections for spoke directors and make contact with new members. Spoke directors drive ministry at the grassroots level and represent the heartbeat of ChristianCycling.

Secondly, the board decided to create a comprehensive ministry guide as a tool to help spoke directors and new members grow their support networks locally. The guide will provide a one-stop source for all pertinent information about the ministry and include a number of templates and best practices to assist in the development and strengthening of local efforts to glorify God from our bike saddles. Look for this big resource in early 2016.

Third, the board selected two new members: Drew Wade, a member of the Del-Mar-Va spoke and resident of Severna Park, Maryland; and Jason Bates, a business owner and member in Phoenix. We look forward to their contributions for years to come.

Lastly, we want to inform you of the resignation of Tim Turnquist as ChristianCycling president. Tim has chosen to resign from his role with ChristianCycling due to family and professional reasons. Tim has been a faithful servant to this ministry for the last three years as president! He has brought enthusiasm, vision and many talents and gifts. We are grateful.

While Tim served as president he helped set a new vision which focused ChristianCycling on ministry and service to the Lord. He created regular channels of communication with our spoke directors, potential spoke directors, and members. He led the updating of our website and pioneered our first year free memberships which has brought over 300 new ChristianCycling members to us. Because of Tim’s tireless work these past three years we are poised to move this ministry forward into 2016 and beyond.

Thanks for your continued support of our ministry, as we build the body of Christ through cycling. Remember, our great ministry tool is the ChristianCycling jersey on your back. Keep representing Christ to your local cycling community. We’ve got your back.