I am so excited about this I could just burst. But, I won’t — at least until I am able to tell you all about what the ChristianCycling Executive Board has been cooking up. Go ahead right now and schedule a ride for yourself on Saturday, June 27th — any ride; at any time. Many of our spokes are in the process of planning a special ride for your area, some of you might be racing, others aren’t planning on doing anything special, but I encourage you to get out there, throw a leg over your top tube, clip your helmet on and go for a ride.

Saturday, June 27th, 2015 will be our first inaugural  ‘Build the Body Ride.’ This is where our faith and our ministry really hit the road in force to have a positive impact on our world. Here is how it will work; on that one day, we are asking ALL members of ChristianCycling to go for a ride — ideally with some of your fellow Spoke members. We don’t really care where you go or how far, just get out and ride in your ChristianCycling clothing to show support for our ministry. But, wait, it doesn’t stop there. Here is what else we have going on:

Every $100 we raise will:

*Look for more information coming soon about our new Ministry Partners.

The distribution will be 25% to Teen Challenge; 20% to Samaritan’s Purse; 10% to Athletes in Action; 45% to ChristianCycling

Instruction on how to join the ride can be found by clicking here.