I have quite a story for the Build the Body Ride from yesterday. As it turns out I rode solo and took a terrible selfie! I don’t like those anyway if you want to take my picture fine but in this case I took it. My plans were to meet my wife along with my friends that evening riding to a nearby park just down from work in Bixby. Everyone had forgot or made other plans including my wife. But God always has a plan.

So I went home drove to town and began to ride hoping to later meet up with my family that has been riding with me for the past week. I was praying and open to an opportunity to minister. I had been noticing a young man walking through town no shirt lots of tats and a backpack.

After passing him a few times I noticed him sitting under an oak tree by the softball field in town. He was in an area where we had seen a very large skunk three nights in a row. So I felt like it was an opportunity to give him a heads up and strike up a conversation. The skunk warning never came into play.

Jons family ride the week before Build the Body Ride.

Jons family ride the week before Build the Body Ride.

I found out he was very upset about his friends recent death at 31 and had come to visit. After running out of gas he had crashed his car into a ditch and began to walk and had walked for several hours. He told me his friend didn’t care to much for Church and didn’t want a service. So I asked what he believed. “I believe in God and I know I am going to heaven when I die”. And so I told him why I was riding that night essentially “I believe therefore I ride.”

After talking with him about those who I had lost in my life at young ages I prayed for him and asked if he needed anything else. He said no I had done enough already. So I left on my bike for a few more miles but decided to return to help him find his way to his friends house since he hadn’t been there in a four years. He hadn’t made it far when I picked him up and grateful with tears in his eyes again he said I can’t believe I had walked all this way (20 miles or so) and no one had offered him a ride. He told me he had cussed God. I needed gas and returned to town when he told me he hadn’t eaten in 3 or 4 days. Though I offered to buy him something to eat at the convienence store he refused saying I had already done enough. We ended up at sonic down the street but still refused only wanting to make one more call to his parents. He had tried earlier to reach his friends family with no answer. This time he got an answer “Dad come get me.”

Broken he had told me before the call he had no more fight left in him. I kept encouraging him that the enemy is lying to him if he is spending this much time and effort to destroy his life he must be very important to God. He had left the idea of going to his friends house to mourn and probably do a lot of things he would regret instead calling to go home much like the prodicals son.

Before he hung up with his dad I got him on the phone and agreed to meet him in Coweta ten miles away so he would not have so for to drive. I met him and told him to take care of his son that he was a good man. It would be hard to tell from the outside appearance what was really going on on the inside of this man. He shared with me his many problems not being able to see children and how messed up his life had been.

It was God’s plan for me to ride alone last night otherwise I may have never stopped and witnessed to this 34 year old man. I saw him under an oak tree and God saw to it to encourage him and give his life yet another detour that more than likely saved his life from the state of mind he was in. The young man was very grateful and respectful calling sir ever other breath. I am just thankful he made it home safe last night.

I reminded him the enemy is a liar but what I was speaking to him was truth!


Jon Tucker