One of the things that I am most excited about our inaugural Build the Body Ride on June 27th is the opportunity to invite friends and family to help grow ChristianCycling — and the Body of Christ. Whether you plan to take part in a Spoke sponsored group ride or something that you have cooked up yourself, we encourage you to invite others to be part of your Build the Body Ride.

Are there members of your church that you have seen out riding, but they are not part of ChristianCycling, this is a great way to expose them to all of the things that we are doing as well as the love and fellowship that is ChristianCycling.

If there is someone who you have ridden with for years, but you just have not had the courage to have a conversation about your faith, then this is the perfect opportunity to invite him or her, because it is a non-threatening way to start a faith conversation.

For more on the Build the Body Ride check out these links

Instruction on how to join the ride can be found by clicking here.