I get very excited when I think about ChristianCycling riding all over the world — on the same day. From the moment I rise on June 27th to the time I go to sleep, I will be thinking and praying for all of those on their Build the Body Ride. When I wake up, my thoughts will be with riders in Australia and Asia who will be finishing their rides and with our riders in Africa getting out for an evening spin and our European riders on afternoon jaunts. Next, I will think about those rolling up and down the American Eastern seaboard, the Midwest, the Rockies and finally the Pacific coast.

What will those rides look like? How many people will show up? On that day, my complete focus will be this ministry and how a few people of faith can get on their bikes to make an impact for Him.

What will your day look like? What will you choose to focus on? I encourage you to join me in setting your mind on Christ’s perfect love, God’s perfect will — and on this ministry that serves people; to show the world both of those. In doing so, we can unify our ministry and more effectively serve Him.

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Instruction on how to join the ride can be found by clicking here.