This is [a brand new] part of ChristianCycling that is starting to use the bicycle to spread the God’s love in Brazil.

We are based in Itatiba, one beautiful city, 80km from São Paulo City, the major Brazilian city. Itatiba is in a valley surrounded by mountains where there are wonderful trails to practice mountain bike.  The city is known as the “Princess of the Hill” due to its rugged terrain. The climate is perfect for a ride during all year.

During the week, it’s common to find dozens cyclists before 8am or after 6pm on Luis Latorre Park and during the weekend, the trails of the mountains are a playground for hundreds.

Our group of christian cyclists began pedaling together in March this year, and are already 30 participants.

The most interesting is that the group consists of experienced cyclistas, who cycle more than 100 miles per day and beginners of all ages, who are starting with 10 miles each ride.

Please pray that we can be an official ChristianCycling Spoke soon