The ChristianCycling national board is pleased to announce to you that we’ve selected a new president for our growing ministry — Bill Menchak.  Bill has served on the national board for the last three years and has supported his very active, local St. Louis spoke since 1997.  He is dedicated to the ChristianCycling ministry and is passionate about using cycling as a means to impact lives for Jesus Christ.  As a regional director, Bill has visited various spokes and ministry members in his region.  You can find him regularly at local rides, races and other cycling events where he volunteers. He often finds his way to other big rides throughout the United States.  If you meet him you will right away feel his warmth and friendliness and know that he loves the Lord.

Bill and his wonderful wife Terri have three daughters and four grandchildren. Once upon a time they both worked for AT&T and their first “date” was a weekly bike ride in their local area.

Bill first learned of ChristianCycling in 1994 while on a MS 150 ride for Multiple Sclerosis awareness. He spotted riders wearing “International Christian Cycling Club” shorts, and searched out the team at the next rest stop. He encountered ChristianCycling again at a circuit race in St. Louis in 1995 where he volunteered as a course marshal. At the end of the day he approached the racer wearing the ministry jersey and introduced himself.  That day he met Rich Pierce and began a long, solid friendship. In 1997, Terri and Bill joined ChristianCycling together.

Bill grew up in a rural farm community in Illinois where all his buddies rode red Western Flyer bikes purchased at the local Western Auto store.  Bill’s dad bought him a shiny black Schwinn Typhoon 2 speed coaster, complete with a headlight and reflectors. He has been riding ever since, and his new bike is still black.

Bill served in the Navy, and has been an avid fast pitch softball player and competitive archer.  He has owned multiple motorcycles and remains an active member of the Christian Motorcycle Association.

Bill attends First Evangelical Free Church in St. Louis, where he serves as a deacon and on the security and parking lot teams. At youth events, he tells kids about two of his greatest loves — Jesus and cycling — and how he uses cycling to witness to the biking community.  He and Terri share the hobby of rebuilding youth bikes and giving them away to needy families.

We are grateful for his willingness and desire to serve ChristianCycling as president and know he will continue to be a tremendous asset to our ministry.

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