ChristianCycling Clothing Guidelines (written 2015)

In developing clothing guidelines for our team kit there are several goals that should be accomplished along with a consistent ordering process.

GOAL 1 – Brand Clarity

The primary focus of the team kit is to keep the ChristianCycling brand clear and unobstructed, while taking into consideration sponsor and ministry logos/advertisement.

GOAL 2 – Be Recognizable

Long distance – from far we want to be recognized by our brand via the ChristianCycling logo. This should be an identifying trademark such as the orange cross inside the sprocket.

Medium distance – at this distance we should be able to be distinguish by our ministry; ChristianCycling.

Short distance – in close proximity an observer should be able to acknowledge our logo, ministry and know how to contact us at

GOAL 3 – Consistent Look

Whether wearing the Orange or White jersey the goal is to have a team kit that is consistent and unified for all Spokes and individual members so that it is recognizable from any distance.

GOAL 4 – Sponsor Logo’s

All sponsorship logos are required to be gray or black in order to accomplish goal #1 and to align with the color and design of the current jersey and shorts.

Hammer Nutrition is currently the only National Level sponsor qualified to appear on the National and all spoke specific kits based on the following criteria:
• Hammer Nutrition is a Christian company
• They support the ChristianCycling mission
• They are a financial supporter of ChristianCycling
• They provide product for ChristianCycling events
• They provide product discounts for ChristianCycling members

Hammer Nutrition will appear in same color and location (shoulder bar, back center pocket and lower leg band) on the National and all spoke specific jerseys and shorts.

Limited local sponsors will be allowed on the spoke specific jersey and shorts and must adhere to the placement, size and color guidelines depicted in Goal #1 and #5. Discretion and discernment should be strictly exercised when evaluating local sponsor qualifications and placement on the ChristianCycling kit. The National Board clothing committee has final approval authority for all local sponsors.

GOAL 5 – Voler Order Process

Any spoke placing a specific local order with Voler will adhere to the following process:
• Local spoke specific artwork will be submitted to Voler. (Spoke specific sponsorship logos must meet the clothing guideline requirements for placement, size and color – see goal #4).
• Voler will prep the spoke specific kit design for review and approval by the local spoke representative.
• Voler will then submit the spoke specific design to the National Office for review and approval.
• If the spoke specific design does not adhere to the clothing guidelines or detracts from the above goals the clothing committee will work with the spoke representative to bring the design into conformity.

Other Items

The ChristianCycling Logo/brand is being TradeMarked with the United States Patent and Trade Mark office (Patent Pending). Any unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.

All Spoke or individual specific material; including but not limited to stickers, cups, decals, clothing, business cards, correspondence, letterheads, envelopes, water bottles, hats etc. must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board and/or clothing committee.

The goal in this guideline/process is to protect the brand and keep it consistent, unified and recognizable while keeping our message clear and unobstructed.