It’s not too late to make a tax-deductible donation to the ChristianCycling ministry for the 2015 tax year. In fact, we encourage you to join in the great things God is doing in the ministry in 2016.

This month we approved three new spokes: in South Bay, Calif., Panama and Brazil. All three have a committed leadership and core members. The LIGHT of the Gospel is spreading in those areas with riders wearing ministry jerseys. We also received communications from our Kenya spoke that will establish a new spoke director and start a partnership with a local church cycling ministry. Lastly on the international front, we started promising conversations with a number of Christian riders in India and one in Dubai who want to plant a ChristianCycling spoke in their country. They see cycling as an effective tool to witness to the lost in their countries.

Additionally, current members across the United States are making efforts to UNITE and start new spokes in their areas. With your support we hope to launch new spokes in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee in 2016.

God is moving in the ChristianCycling ministry. Our goal continues to be the establishment of a spoke in every state and on every continent. By God’s grace we are well on our way!

Our Lord gifted us with the tremendous privilege of using an activity we love, cycling, to build authentic relationships and share His message of Good News. We cannot do this without you! Please consider a year-end financial gift to help us continue to Build the Body through Cycling.

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