Surrounding the Shum family with love

On January 3, 2015, IC3 Norcal hosted a memorial ride for Herman Shum, an IC3 member who tragically passed away a week earlier during a group ride [click here for more on the accident].  The ride was organized in lieu of IC3 Norcal’s traditional “First of the Month” ride and began at the same location in downtown Pleasanton.  More than 200 local cyclists attended the event, which ended in Emerald Glen Park (Dublin), where the cyclists gathered to pray, share thoughts and memories of Herman, and meet his family.  Tents were also set up to provide nourishment to riders who had completed the 35-mile ride.

Shum Memorial Ride

Over 200 riders showed up to pay their respects

During the gathering, several members of IC3, including IC3 Norcal director Darryl Smith, shared fond memories of Herman and what he had meant to the club. One rider from the Kovarus/Wells Fargo racing team shared, “He was one of those people that made you feel comfortable and welcomed… I remember flatting one time on the HOP (House of Pain) ride and the group rolled on as I stopped. I looked back, and low and behold, Herman had stopped also to make sure I was good. We got the flat changed and rolled across town to catch the group on the return. At one point, he wouldn’t let me pull through and wanted to spend some time at the front. ‘No man, sit in; I’ll pull for a while’…I can see now that he took pulls at the front for many people in his vocation as an Educator…setting others up for success for whatever ‘finish’ lay ahead”.  Pastors (and IC3 members) Tony Catudal and James Watson shared about Herman’s faith and the hope we have in Jesus, even in the midst of tragic events. Herman’s father, Bart, who is also a cyclist, shared his appreciation for the group that had gathered and all the support his family was receiving.  And one by one, cyclists approached and provided comfort for Herman’s wife, sharing their fond memories of riding and racing with him.

For me, as a teammate of Herman’s, Herman was everything I wanted to be and have yet to achieve as a cyclist, in his fierce commitment to training, belief that he can win every race he participates in, his awareness of the race course and tactics, and his calmness in the midst of chaos.  One time, I had asked him how he managed to train 15 hours a week in accordance with his training plan. He replied that he woke up at 4 AM every morning and typically spent 3 hours on his trainer before starting his day job as a high school vice principal (and soon to be principal).  It’s not surprising to know, now, that he carried this same level of commitment to everything he did, which enabled him to have an even greater impact on students and educators.  Herman was a great ambassador for IC3 and will continue to be a shining example for all of us that had the privilege of knowing him.

By Samuel Paik

Memories of Herman: By Dan Schaefer

Herman was the first IC3 riders to befriend me at the 2012 IC3 winter camp in Pacific Grove after I had only been loosely affiliated with the club beforehand.  We had both been dropped near the summit of 17-Mile Drive climb out of Pebble Beach. There was a spark in his eye and passion in his voice when he turned, looked me in the eye, and said “let’s work together, we can catch them!” I jumped onto his wheel and we chased hard.

Herman was always encouraging, upbeat, and willing to work for the greater good, not his own self interest.  I pray that God kindle Herman’s spark and passion in everyone that he encouraged and touched.

Here is a video and some photos of the Memorial Ride

More photos can be found by clicking here

Prayers for Janelle

Prayers for Janelle

A large ChristianCycling crowd of witnesses

A large ChristianCycling crowd of witnesses

All photos compliments of Janelle Shum’s dad.