International Spoke Guidelines

What do we have to offer International Spokes?

1. We offer a larger association, name, branding, marketing tools, logo, website, clothing design, statement of faith, policies and procedures in place, governing body, etc. This is already in place so that time is not spent having to reinvent the wheel. This leaves time for ministry to happen.

2. We bring a mission and vision for the international spoke to be part of in their area:
Our Mission
• To unite Christian cyclists for a worldwide testimony in lifestyle, training, and sportsmanship.
• To expose each cyclist we encounter to the love and grace of Jesus Christ, so they may want to have a relationship with Him.

3. We offer input, experience, leadership, encouragement, prayer and oversight for an international spoke’s local ministry effort. International Spokes are not alone but part of a larger effort to reach cyclists with the Gospel and to encourage Christian Cyclists to grow in their faith. There is power in numbers. A Spoke provides tremendous advantages for members to effectively participate in ministry and evangelism as a team. The support and fellowship of Christian cyclists united in purpose is a wonderful blessing.

4. We have marketing tools (brochures, business cards, clothing designs, etc. {formatted in English) and a ministry guide (in process) that give ideas and practical help for how to start a spoke and best practices for evangelistic outreaches, hosting cycling races and events, fellowship gatherings, etc. We can also help promote what International Spokes are doing through our website, Facebook, newsletters, etc. This helps bring awareness and support for an international spoke’s local ministry. Materials are only available in English at this time but International spokes are allowed to translate to their spoken language.

5. We offer a worldwide fellowship of believers who love cycling. This brings comrade re and spiritual encouragement. Our members love to connect via Facebook, through the website, at local events, etc. We encourage members to visit one another if they are traveling.

6. The possibility of a US planned mission trip/International camps to an International spoke for biking and local service projects and evangelism.

Ways we are unable to support International Spokes

1. Due to our small operating budget we are unable to help in providing bicycles, gear, clothing, paid travel to the US and financial support. Some International Spokes have struggled because they have drawn many people not interested in spiritual things but interested in what material things the US members could give and send to them.

Practical matters for the formation of an International Spoke

1. The spoke director can help us provide a translation of our membership page so that their members can join for free.

2. The spoke director needs to go through the necessary steps to apply to become a spoke.

3. Each International Spoke should have their own Facebook page.

4. We do not charge international members to join do to the complexity of international money exchange, etc.. Each spoke can decide if they want to collect local ministry support from their members. International members can join through our website for free and then they will be required to support their local spoke in whatever way the spoke director deems appropriate.

5. Cycling kits can be manufactured locally if the designs are approved by headquarters.

6. We can offer marketing tools such as PDFs brochures, business cards, ministry guide, etc. They can be translated locally. We are not able to provide shipping of items from headquarters to international locations.