As our Executive Board started to wrap it’s collective heads around what being a global ministry REALLY means, we started to understand that we need to be Christ-centered and people-serving in order to show them the love of Jesus. It is our hope that God will use this organization to change people– and thus, it has to be more than the gear we ride, more than the clothing we wear and more than our latest and greatest ride. But, how do we most effectively and efficiently affect change in others — and change the world itself — for Christ? We realized pretty quickly that one way would be to help other organizations who can help more people than we can. Organizations that are also trying to Build the Body.

Now, this is not to say that we won’t be helping people directly anymore, because that is still our main focus, but, like a good investment portfolio, it is good to have some diversity. So, part of our effort is going to go into helping some other God-honoring, Christ-centered, people-serving, bathed-in-prayer ministries, and together we hope to produce a bigger change on a bigger scale.

So, we broke down our “investments” into categories:

  1. Building the Body by proclaiming the Word loud and proud for all to hear
  2. Building the Body by providing humanitarian support to groups of people in crisis
  3. Building the Body by providing support to individuals in crisis
  4. Building the Body within the sport/hobby that we are so passionate about

As a result we have decided to partner with (in the same order as above)

  1. KLOVE/Air1 Radio
  2. Samaritan’s Purse
  3. Teen Challenge USA
  4. Athletes in Action Cycling

Expect to see more and hear more about these awesome ministries as we partner with them to do the Lord’s work.