For nearly 30 years our members and Spokes have been doing ministry work. While some of that work has been really effective, we have also spent a lot of time reinventing an already round and true wheel. In addition to that there is very little consistency in our ministry effort from Spoke to Spoke and community to community. As we continue our transformation from a bike club to a more focused and intentional ministry, the next logical step is to have a group of people who are willing to look at what ministry efforts have worked [and why], what hasn’t worked [and why], mix in some new ideas, come up with a plan and implement it to create a more consistent, more effective, more energized, more intentional ministry environment for our organization.

We will focus on, and try to balance, five distinct ministry sectors to enhance our local presence as well as our global ministry:

  1. Fellowship. Most members join to ride, race or just hang-out with like-minded Christians. We need to build more ways to increase the fellowship within our organization.
  2. Outreach. What are we doing to reach the lost? How can we be intentional about serving them and showing them the love of Christ?
  3. Growth. How can we partner with local churches and other Christian organizations to not only grow our ministry but add value to their congregation/ministry at the same time?
  4. Community. What service opportunities are there to reach our communities — locally, regionally, nationally and globally?
  5. External Ministries. What ways can we support and encourage our Ministry Partners and other ministries to advance His kingdom beyond what we are capable of ourselves?

So, if ministry is your passion, I am looking for a few good people who are willing to throw ideas out and roll up their sleeves and get to work. To get a good cross section of our members, the ideal mix would look something like:

  • 2 Administrative members — Cody (our ChristianCycling Administrator) and me (our ChristianCycling President)
  • 3 Executive Board members
  • 3 members who belong to or have belonged to Spokes
  • 3 members who do not belong to a Spoke

If this excites you and you want to know how you can plug into this group — or you just have ideas to help us — please send your contact information to [email protected] and I would love to chat with you about this opportunity.