Ministry Opportunities

ChristianCycling has a very tough mission. Our Mission is

  1. To unite Christian cyclists for a worldwide testimony in lifestyle, training, and sportsmanship.
  2. To expose each cyclist we encounter to the love and grace of Jesus Christ, so they may want to have a relationship with Him.

By leveraging years of experience we can mentor, train, support, pray for and walk with our Spokes and members to create a more efficient ministry. Our biggest investment — in time, energy, prayer support and money — is in our Spokes and members, so that they can be as effective as possible in sharing their unique story of how Christ has changed their lives with everyone with which they interact.

We can also partner with other organizations and local churches who are bringing the good news to other walks of life. We are not alone in this struggle — and, in fact, are just a small part of the Body of Christ. We are on the lookout for other Christ centered organizations that we could partner with and be bigger, better and more efficient than we would be without each other.

Specific Programs:

  • Domestic Spoke Development.

We are forever on the lookout for “hands and feet” on the ground willing to turn their hobby into a ministry. We encourage individual members to form local groups, that we call Spokes, to support each other and be a more effective witness for Christ. These groups do not form by magic, nor to they stay together without a lot of support and input from the Executive Board and ChristianCycling HQ.

  • International Spoke Development.

International Spokes are even tougher to establish and maintain than domestic ones within the USA. And, not surprisingly, they are much more costly. Part of it is the geographic isolation from the bulk of ChristianCycling efforts and management. Part of it is a difference in culture and traditions. Yet, another barrier may be needing to translate into another language. Yet, the Great Commission tells us to take the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Our International program is in desperate need of help at all times.

  • Spoke Director Support

Our Spoke Directors are our Generals in the field of spiritual combat. It is a very tough job and we are committed to supporting them any way we can. We provide them with a Mission, help them with their own Vision and Goals, help them set up clear channels of communication that works in their locale, assist with event planning and pray for them always. In addition, with the help of current and former Spoke Directors, we are compiling a “Spoke Director’s Handbook” that will help guide them through the process of running a Spoke.

  • Ministry & Marketing Materials

We are in the process of creating various Ministry Materials including [but not limited to]

  • some brochures to hand out at events that give people an overview of ChristianCycling and the Christian faith
  • some Media Kits designed to provide churches with short articles and images to be able to easily create articles and ads for the church bulletin
  • video and slide presentations that describe ChristianCycling and/or Christian life for distribution to churches and on YouTube and other social media
  • Event Support

Events are golden opportunities for us to not only serve the cycling community, but it is also a way for us to market ourselves and to start forming bonds and relationships with cyclists from all walks of life. We are looking to participate in National and Regional events, mostly for the exposure and to form bonds with other organizations with which we could partner. Helping support our Spokes with local events creates more personal relationships and can be our best opportunities to be Jesus to someone who does not know Him. All events are very important to our growth and effectiveness.

  • Administration, Organization and Management

We have a lot of irons in the fire, but they are all things that we feel called by God to be doing. Currently, our leadership, with the exception of Cody, our ChristianCycling Administrator, are all volunteers. This means that the President, Board Chair, Executive Board, the Spoke Directors and many others who help behind the scenes planning events, creating media assets and moving us along on in ministry work countless hours without compensation of any kind. It is the wish of the Executive Board that we are able to hire a full-time Executive Director to further coordinate our efforts and help us grow by the year 2018. While this would add to our overhead, it would also create a myriad of opportunities for us to expand our reach and do more Kingdom Building than we have ever done in the past.