christiancycling_logoFinal_sizes-01-trimmedThe International Christian Cycling Club (IC3) has enjoyed a rich history in which the Lord has blessed us with growth and opportunities to serve him. But, what started as a small club of cyclists wanting to fellowship and serve has grown to a significant international presence and we now find ourselves needing a clearer focus on how God can use us to fulfill our mission statement.

Through focused prayer and reflection, the IC3 Executive Board has developed a vision to clarify our ministry. We feel called to not only maintain our focus on Him, His will and building His kingdom, but also enhance that focus.  The new vision includes a new branding strategy that unifies and simplifies our ministry; maintaining recognition of the existing ministry while able to accommodate growth in the future. ​Further, we want to avoid negative connotations that come from being called a club — an image centered on “me” and serving “me”.  Our desire is to project the image of what we really are: a ministry, centered on Jesus and serving people.

Therefore, it is with great excitement that we announce an update to three elements of our branding.

  • First, simplifying our name to ChristianCycling clearly and consistently promotes ourselves as a Christ focused ministry — and puts Him first.
  • To strengthen this name,a new logo will freshen our look, while retaining our history.  The image of the cross of Christ represents the center of all that we do, and is surrounded by the familiar “cog” logo that represents our full organization and mission field, using the same familiar color pallet which have served us well for many years.
  • The final update is the adoption of a slogan that is clear with simplified words that get to the heart of what we are all about: “Building the body through cycling.

You will start to see these elements coming together very soon.  The transition will not be instant, with plans in the works to phase in the new branding that may run into the fall.

To incorporate our new logo into our clothing, we will follow our existing process for clothing design changes — so clothing graphics will remain the same for at least this season.

We look forward to seeing how God will use these exciting updates to our branding to change lives.



ChristianCycling Executive Board