ChristianCycling is starting a new program to help local churches take advantage of Sports Ministry opportunities by partnering with them, supporting them with our resources and helping them create opportunities to change lives for Christ.

One of the primary functions of most churches is to fulfill the “Great Commission” — to go and make disciples of all nations. Sports Ministry programs are a perfect tool to work towards the Great Commission because they get church members out of their church [the “go” part], into community and have activities that are “an easy invite” to get new people involved. Unfortunately, many churches don’t have resources to provide Sports Ministry opportunities. That is where ChristianCycling can help. In addition to riding our bikes, we have been in “the business” of hosting events, creating relationships, talking to people about our faith and changing the world for about 30 years — so, we are pretty good at it.

Cycling is very social. Cycling is a great way to connect with people: ones that are new to you or friends that you have known for years. That’s because, regardless if one is completely new at it or they are racing with the pros, everyone loves to have a conversation on their rides. Whether on a short commute or a 6 hour century [100 mile ride], people love to pass the time talking about just about anything; and it is exciting for me to be able to share my faith and the love of Jesus with them. I can not count the number of times someone has rolled up next to me on a ride [or even in a race] and asked me about the cross on my jersey, about my faith or to pray for them.

Cycling is community. Cycling creates a common experience that bonds riders of all types and creates a brotherhood/sisterhood among participants in the sport. Walk into nearly any bike shop in Lycra and you will be treated as “one of their own.” Pass another cyclist on the road or path and you will no doubt get a friendly wave or bob of the head. Because of this familiarity and common community, there is a real opportunity to reach people for Christ.

Cycling is fitness. It doesn’t matter what sort of cycling one enjoys, cyclists are in movement and that leads to better fitness — taking care of the temple that God has given you to dwell within here on Earth. More than just your improving our bodies, activities such as cycling have been shown in numerous studies to increase brain activity, increase lung and heart capacity, create clearer thought patterns, help with better sleep, give us more energy and overall live a “happier” life.

All of these are important to help us live out the Great Commission. So, how can ChristianCycling impact MY church? First, have your pastor contact me at 952-220-1660 or [email protected] to start a conversation. I would be happy to talk to them about their congregation and the needs of their church as well as tell them about some resources that your pastor may be interested in using, that we are in the process of finalizing —  like:

  • Event guides with many ideas on how to put on a successful event or events
  • Media templates for ride posters, presentations & bulletin ads
  • Stories of how God is using this ministry to change lives for church newsletters
  • Some stock images and other marketing assets for promotion of your event(s)

In addition, we are working on several other resources that should be available soon, such as:

  • Promotional video(s)
  • Resources that help guide members in talking about their faith
  • Cycling/sports related devotions
  • A Speakers Bureau which would enable someone to come to your church or area to talk about ChristianCycling and promote your event(s)

We are really excited to share our ministry with your pastors, be able to partner with them to be a blessing to your entire church — and Build the Body though cycling!