Enjoy this race report about how God is always at work.  Written by Colorado member, Kevin Eldredge.

Hi guys,

Just wanted to try to quickly share how my Superior Morgul weekend went and how it helped me see God’s providence in even the smallest things and how he is in control.  This is much less about the success He provided and more about what He taught me this weekend.

This omnium was my first key goal for the year with a goal of being on the podium for the overall.  I had a plan for how I was going to get there-top 3 in the time trial, top ten in the circuit race, and top 5 for the road race.

I got 6th in the TT, which I was really disappointed in.  I really struggled the last few miles and my power file looked like a descending glider.  Whether it was the results of the race or something else, I had trouble sleeping Friday night.

Given the results of the TT and the poor night sleep, I just wanted to get the circuit race out of the way, as I was pretty sure it would end up in a sprint and I was not sure I wanted to get mixed up in that.  I was getting ready to get my warmup in-I went to clip into my Look Keo blade pedals and the blade fell out of one of the pedal bodies.  I found a guy from Excel Sports, but he told me it was not fixable in the field.  After a few minutes of trying to fix this on my own, I gave up and started to change back into my street clothes.   A guy I have raced with from Modern Market racing who is now in the 50+4, Robert Dwyer, stopped by to chat and was trying to figure out how I could still race.  His teammate, Tom Hootman, who I race with in my own category, saw us and stopped.  Robert explained the situation to Tom and Tom said he had an extra set of Keo pedals in his car.  I could not believe it.  I can’t imagine there were many prayers to the Lord on Saturday for Look Keo pedals, but this one was answered.  I was able to get about a 5 minute warmup in before the race.  I came in 13th, which was high enough to get some omnium points in addition to the 10 for participation, which put me in 8th overall.

I woke up today feeling pretty fatigued and was not optimistic about my performance.  My plan was to try to stay hidden the best I could and position myself well before the key turns so I wouldn’t waste energy sprinting after the turns.  The race was probably as easy as this race gets-no one really made any efforts to break away or push the pace on the wall or other hills.  I was actually concerned people were getting too much rest on the back side of the course.  We hit the hump for the last time and about half way up the best climber in my category, Monty Bobo, got a gap.  I thought there was a chance he could make it to the finish on his own with his climbing skills, so a few of us bridged across.  Even though I did not initiate the move, it was the first time in a race I felt like I “committed” to a move-it would work or guys would come blowing by me on the wall.  I didn’t have enough left to have much of a sprint at the end, but ended up in 5th, which is my best result in this race.

I honestly didn’t think 5th was good enough to move me from 8th to a podium spot, but I hung around anyway to see who would be on the podium-I knew who won the omnium in my category, but didn’t know how the people who were ahead of me at the start of the day had done.  While I waited, it was nice to catch up Jeff Knight, Steve Wade from Colorado Springs, and Zack Moser, as well as some of my fellow competitors.  They announced the omnium winners first to third, and I was thrilled to be 3rd.  If I hadn’t been able to do the circuit race, I would not have had enough points for third.

Christiancycling had a pretty good day-Jeff came in 5th, Steve Wade came in 2nd, and Josh Schroeder came in 3rd.

My circuit race pedal incident made me grateful for God’s providence, even in the smallest areas of my life, and taught me to be grateful just to be able to race-after stewing about my Friday night results, I was happy that God allowed me to race instead of not starting.  The whole weekend showed me that God has a plan-he was gracious enough to give me my goal of the omnium podium, but he did it in His way and not how I thought it was going to work.

Thanks for your fellowship,