“The Cyclist Creed”

I believe therefore I ride,
I believe in the age old words of the apostle’s creed,
I believe in that message as the faith I need,
It’s said ‘what’s good for the body is good for the soul’
But cycling alone cannot make me whole.
I need a savior and I need a friend,
To brace against life’s weathering wind,
To ride with me along life’s road,
To give me courage and make me bold.
I need ‘the one’ who calmed the sea,
Who makes the lame to walk and blind to see!
From this truth I cannot hide,
I believe therefore I ride.
For the weak and poor and those in need,
I raise the banner of the cyclist creed,
Unspoken words are heard through action,
So give them voice and ride with passion!
Spoken truth needs to be heard,
Share the road and spread the word,
Son of god I have not denied,
I believe therefore I ride!

By jon tucker 1-11-2015