My friend Steve Erickson is a pastor, church planter and triathlete here in Minnesota. I met him at a Time Trial that our Twin Cities Spoke was hosting and we became friends almost immediately. Since then I have been following him on Facebook and Google+ and love his work. He has been on a very “wild ride” — from being the pastor at a church here locally to working in Australia for several months to his work at Cultivate Church Planting Center — and has always been excited and faithful for what God has for him next. Because of his enthusiasm to live totally and completely to honor God and his willingness to put The Kingdom first, he often writes things that really resonate with or challenge me. This mornings post really struck a nerve with me. Not because I needed to read this about my “church,” but because I needed to learn this to affect OUR MINISTRY. Please take a moment out of your busy day to read this and pray about how it relates to ChristianCycling.

Steve writes

can still vividly remember the day that I came to know Jesus as my LORD and Savoir. It was a very dramatic experience for me. I felt the Spirit of God come into me, and breath his life into my dead soul. I remember reading the Bible for the first time in my life, and being struck deeply by it’s call to live a life on mission with Jesus. To this day I am stunned by his command and invitation to join him in his mission to rescue the lost and bring them back home to God. His last words to his disciples are profound. “Go therefore and make disciples…” I believe that Jesus’ last words should be our first priority.

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