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The growth  and involvement described in part 1 is all very, very exciting, and we know that it is a result of God working through us, as we try to do His will. It is exciting because it opens new possibilities for us to do Kingdom Building work and better minister to His people. But, it also means we need to make some changes in our organizational structure to be able to keep up with it.

With the exception of out part-time IC3 Administrator, we are completely reliant on volunteers to carry the burden. For nearly two years now, the Executive Board has been discussing and starting to lay the groundwork to hire a salaried Executive Director — and I would like to kick that plan into high gear. As IC3 President, I have been working 10 – 12+ hours a week to keep up with all that is going on and yet, I feel I am losing ground on what God wants done.

​Ultimately, the decision to ​hire a salaried Executive Director is in the hands of the Executive Board, and the only reason that this has not been implemented yet is funding.

In addition to needing to raise the salary of a full-time Executive Director, we also need to raise enough for not only their benefits but also enough to enable them to travel to our Spokes and prospective Spokes to learn, first hand, how we can better serve our members, Spokes and Spoke leadership.

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