Putting on an event is hard work. It takes a lot of planning, preparation, coordination, effort, time and sometimes just plain good luck. So why go through all of that?

Buzz Wright from our AZ Spoke tells us about the Crit Training Series that he helped organize in the Tuscon area this winter and spring:

We averaged over 31 riders every Wednesday night for 10 weeks and made a profit of $345, even after buying a total of 23 pizzas and 60 cookies. More importantly, we established strong friendships with over 80 riders in the community, strengthened relationships with other teams, encouraged recreational riders to pin a number on a jersey and line up for a race, helped reduce the anxiety of participating in a crit, drew in over 4,000 pageviews on our website, and glorified our Great God in the process!

Thanks Buzz and all of the people who put on the Tuscon Crit Training Series.