A few months ago we added a new field to the registration form to join ChristianCycling labeled “How did you hear about us?” I want to share with you just a few of the responses, since it illustrates that YOU are our best ministry tool — not only to spread the hope, peace and joy that comes from knowing Christ, but also the fellowship, camaraderie and love that comes from being part of our movement.

So, how are people hearing about us? (Note: names have been removed, but you know who you are.)

  1. From my awesome uncle
  2. Bike expo in Seattle
  3. My good friend D. N. referred me to you at a Meetup in Silver Spring!
  4. Facebook posts
  5. My friend told me to join.
  6. K.L. from Calvary Chapel Modesto
  7. A member told a friend who told me.
  8. K. H. is active in DORBA and I saw some of his posts.
  9. I ran into a guy named D. H. at Winter Park’s Epic 50 race this past weekend. I was working an aid station and he came up wearing your jersey and I asked him about it.
  10. Riding with J. D., M. H. and others in Strava JKG.
  11. I met a IC3 rider during a sanctioned ride in 2013.
  12. Lighthouse Christian Church members who ride told me about it.
  13. My best friend has introduced me to cycling and suggested I check out and join your organization :)
  14. Facebook post from a friend
  15. Came across an article on Facebook
  16. I met some of the riders when I went to the El Tour De Tucson expo to pick up my race packet, went on one group ride and was highly encouraged.
  17. Met B. M. at bike expo in Collinsville, IL
  18. You guys put on a nearby race that I’ve participated in several times – the Smoketown Airport Crit. I talked to Rev. D. S. and then went to the website.
  19. A brochure on the information table at church.
  20. I go to church with R. P. and he informed me about the club.
  21. Attend Cherry Hills Community
  22. My father in law has been wearing the jersey for years and has given one to me to wear as well, so I decided to join and help spread the faith
  23. Stopped at the christian cycling table at tour de mesa
  24. Was talking to a friend at church (J. L.) and he was the one who told me all about IC3
  25. random meeting with member E. S. on a tour ride in Sulphur Springs TX in March 2014
  26. One of the men in my bible study just joined
  27. ChristianCycling.com : While visiting my son in Minneapolis, my wife and I were riding down by the Mississippi River where we some fellow cyclists wearing the IC3 jersey. We would like to share the Good News in Michigan and represent Christian Cycling when we ride!

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways that YOU are helping us grow and spreading the word. Of those who replied about 75% mention a specific person, an event that we put on, your social media posts or your church where they heard about us first. Individual members, like YOU, are making an impact, so I want to encourage you to KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.